What are some things you don’t like about takemichi (hinata is next)

What are some things you don’t like about takemichi (hinata is next)

What are some things you don’t like about takemichi (hinata is next)

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  1. his determination/stubbornness is both good and bad. it inspires the others at the right moments, but then those times when Takemichi would return to the future and Naoto would tell him so-and-so committed crimes. him just _refusing_ to believe Naoto and saying “___ would never do that!” always made my eye twitch a little

  2. I think that he needs to get physically stronger and I see a lot of people say it’s not gonna happen overnight but he don’t even try from what we see you on camera he didn’t work out he didn’t do anything to at least try to get stronger and it’s not like he don’t know what he’s in for, he seen multiple fights and he’s going to need to learn how to fight to protect hinata and everybody else but don’t even make a effort

  3. I love him but I wish he was bit more mature to be 26 like I get he’s a goofy character but some things have you questioning like “really takemichi”? ????

  4. I dislike his lack of physical & emotional maturity. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good zero to hero story as much as the next guy, but Takemichi seems oddly ill prepared for someone who’s embraced a life of violence to protect those he loves, and his fights rarely deviate beyond him being utterly rag dolled and crying (traits that people in real gangs would normally learn to tone down to survive).

    His emotional intelligence is severely lacking too (particularly in regard to Hinata). He’s bad at picking up nonverbal cues and articulating his thoughts and feelings. It would be excusable if he were still 12,, but certainly not as a 26 year old “man.” I think the authors wrote him to appeal to literal children.

  5. Don’t read if you haven’t caught up with anime

    The fact that he KNOWS Baji is gonna die yet still couldn’t prevent it. Like dude come on, he literally has all the info from the future yet still couldn’t do shit

  6. The hypest moment he ever had was 200 chapters ago, not so coincidently the last time he won a fight. I get that being strong isn’t his thing, but Takemichi winning a fight (especially when others are counting on him) is way too hype to not use sometimes. Like there’s rare, and then there’s basically not at all. I was ready for him to beat Taiju, he’d been stabbed, he fought Mitsuya beforehand, I’d would of believed it. He didn’t even really beat Kisaki, he traded blows with him until he ran away

  7. When he was trying to save Draken’s life, instead of trying to be his guard (who can’t fight for shit) he could have just told the rest of Toman that Draken was being targeted or that he heard that they planned to target Draken so everybody else could have their eye out

  8. Spoilers: DONT read if you aint caught up to the manga

    He cant analyse intel properly even though he is 26 getting involved with kids around 13 years of age. He doesnt look the best, aint liked the most in the series, has a gf by luck cause he was there to fight the ‘evil’ just cause he likes to play hero. He is still is one of the best characters but it would be nice to atleast see him think of ideas which could prevent baji’s death or emma’s death. He uses his brain at times when he cant decide what to do at all (like in the 1 vs 200 in tenjiku) well not much to hate in him since he is kind and caring and gives 2 fuc*s about his friends

  9. Why don’t we make a thread to say things we LIKE about characters instead? This sub already talks too much about what they dislike instead of hypeing what they like.

  10. Hmm while I like how open he is about his emotions I wish he wouldn’t let them control his actions so much. I wish the poor guy would just take a deep breath when he was getting all emotional and think over his decisions first.

  11. Everything lmao
    Nah jk, i like that hes brave and doesn’t give up but my man needs to learn how to fight, bravery isnt enough

  12. I don’t know if it’s inconsistency with the writing, or Wakui has a habit of saying fuck it and does whatever, but… Takemichi having moments of clarity and figuring shit out irks the heck out of me because he’s a dumbass 99.9% of the time.

    He’s a self-proclaimed delinquent, but knew jackshit about who’s who and what’s what at the start of the series. He didn’t even know what Toman was until after he and his friends became Kiyomasa’s slaves. Like, seriously? We’ve seen some random guys in some panels here and there making remarks about having heard of certain characters by reputation, yet here we have Takemichi—a so called “deliquent” who knows absolute fuck all about the who’s and what’s of the world he’s getting into—marching off to pick a fight with degenates from a different middle school at the start of the series.

    What. The. Heck.

  13. He waist time crying and talking to himself instead of actually doing something to change the future

  14. He is so slow to do anything and he doesn’t really do that much whenever big moves have to be made.
    Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has his strong moments, and I know his character isn’t about being strong punchy boy, but during the fight with Valhalla for example he was just standing there and panicking

  15. He kinda reminds me of atsushi[did i spell it right?] And the fact loves him and>!died for him!< makes me really dislike him>! [I read the manga I know he got better but still] !<

  16. the only things i dislike are that he puts others infront of himself too much and i wished he used his brain abit more????????

  17. Takemichi didn’t mature a lot in twelve years. It’s quite annoying when he says “but [character] is a good guy, he’d never do that!”.

    So naive… ????

  18. Everything, he’s so annoying he cries to much, he can’t fight and he’s just an overall terrible person.

  19. I respect this guy so much but he spends too much time crying and beating himself up instead of doing something. Now I don’t mind the fact that he cries but there were times in the anime that he could just act instead of cry