Like where is he bruh??

Like where is he bruh??

Like where is he bruh??

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  1. I don’t think he wants to be involve in all the mess anymore after his close friend Kisaki died

  2. I like that we don’t see him anymore for now, he’s probably still running away or living another interesting life. Also we needed a break from him and Kisaki, these two were absolutely everywhere and it was getting tiring to see that they were behind everything that happened

  3. I can’t really see him joining the war for any reason of being a gang but I can see him joining to have fun. And he liked being with Kisaki because his plans were fun to him so if he does join the war which I doubt he will I think he would try to kill Takemitchy

  4. Im telling u he’s gonna show up just to pull Takemitchy back to the day he and Kisaki first met just to reboot everything

  5. I think he is the forth most strongest tr character because after izana he is the only one to hold his ground against mikey

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