What are the things in the back of Johnny’s hands?

What are the things in the back of Johnny’s hands?

What are the things in the back of Johnny’s hands?

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  1. I think it’s part of his stand, tusk, because there are some panels of the manga where he uses tusk and those appear on his hand (correct me if I’m wrong)

  2. Never seen it in any other panel in the manga(correct me if im wrong), might just be a design choice by araki to fit the theme of the image(looks like a scarabe so it conveys an old time period theme w the mummified corpse parts), also this is straight out of jojo color manga, so it might be coloured wrong, so it might be completely different from what araki intended for it to look like. Araki has alot of inconsistancies in his manga when it comes to design(like diver downs D orientation on his knees), so it could just be that and araki forgot to continue adding it to johnny’s design, but it doesnt seem to carry any importance

  3. Most likely the appearance of tusk on his hands, much like how Sky High had a back of the hand appearance but wasn’t important to the stand’s function

  4. they seem to be a visual indicator that was initially supposed to indicate that Johnny had his stand “out” so to speak. After Johnny upgraded to Act 2, they were replaced with the flat star shaped patch things, but as others have pointed out, they don’t really appear consistently and kinda dropped altogether after a certain point

  5. While we’re on the topic I just finished part 7 recently and I never figured out what that big pencil looking thing on his back was, it’s always protruding from his clothing. At times it would look like a feather, than bunny ears, than a big hornets stinger what is it?

  6. I think it was the early idea for Tusk’s physical form, before Araki decided that they look bad. They show up infrequently, but I think that after Johnny gets Act 2 they never appear again.