Could Dio have sensed Josuke back in Stardust Crusaders?

Could Dio have sensed Josuke back in Stardust Crusaders?

Could Dio have sensed Josuke back in Stardust Crusaders?

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  1. If he had gone to Japan then yes. I’m pretty sure people with the star birthmarks can only track each other from relatively close distances.

  2. Probably, but DIO wouldn’t have viewed him as a threat or anything considering he would’ve died like Holly if the Crusaders didn’t win.

  3. Probably, but he woulda been like ‘that’s just a baby with an awful fever, No problem for me to worry about

  4. He probably did, but considering Josuke was basically a toddler, he probably wouldn’t have been seen as a threat.

  5. No question he sensed holly so that means he sensed josuke but he thought that one of his goons or him himself would defeat the crusaders and holly and josuke would’ve died so he didn’t see him as a threat

  6. Yes. Because that’s how most of the joestars got their stand is from DIO (in johnathan’s body) getting his stand from the stand arrow. So yes DIO could have known some awareness of josuke’s existence but not know much of him though

  7. It just occurred to me, Josuke and Holly’s fevers were supposed to be at the same time, but it’s clearly not as it was a cold winters night for Josuke and a spring day for Holly. They were both in Japan so it’s not like it’s an south of the equator thing. Perhaps an Araki forgot moment?

  8. I mean, he probably sensed Holly too, but he only considered Joseph and Jotaro threats. Even if he did sense Josuke, he could probably tell the kid didn’t have a usable stand yet.

  9. My thoughts are that he didn’t seem to care about Holly much. Josuke was also dying at the time, maybe he thought the problem was already preemptively resolved

  10. It’s probably why he made okuyasu’s dad a spy. He could probably sense someone in that town

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