My brain: Magnation=Magnaton

My brain: Magnation=Magnaton

My brain: Magnation=Magnaton

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  1. A Magneton regional variant that is Fairy/X, where X is randomly chosen at the start of battle and is reflected by which potion bottle is on top. Possible types that can be rolled are Fire, Water, and Poison.

    For an extra spicy version, the three potions present are randomized when encountered in the wild. It would be possible to collect Magnetons with all trinary combinations of potions for each of the non-Fairy types.

  2. Poison/Steel type with the “Copium” ability, which if you make physical contact with it your pokemon’s type gets changed to pure fairy until switched out.

    AKA: you get high off your shits

  3. [Twitter for fanart and memes](

    Inspired by my stupid brain

  4. My friend actually named his pokemon Go account Mag-Lord way back, because there were so many Magnemites spawning at his house.

  5. Added to the list of things I’d have never thought off even locked in a bathroom for a month.

  6. We already got a Sana pokemon, this could be a Paldean Magneton form. Steel/Poison