We were lied to…

We were lied to…

We were lied to...

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  1. Who would win:

    The explosive, unchecked development and expansion of human society across a vast and varied continent.


    One itchy rrat.

  2. Can I just say that Bae’s ratsona is just stupidly adorable. It’s just so goofy lookin.

  3. Love to see an art series:

    Fauna releasing the plague,
    Mumei trying to lead people (like on this art),
    Kronii and Bae watching as the time passes and the chaos begins,
    Cali taking the dead
    And in the end IRyS giving hope for the future

  4. Just had a gif on Reddit of population growth from year 1 and the only dip was at this period in history, 1/3 of Europe dead from a little skaven skulduggery getting out of hand

  5. You could think about it this way:

    She pulled the prank which lead to millions of people dying, and in her guilt, worked to cure people to try and make up for it. A series of learning from her mistakes.

  6. …

    So you see, I’m a long time Plague Doctor enjoyer. One of those edgy weirdos.


    Shit, I might actually be into that.

  7. Or maybe, its just a little prank she made, but then people keep complaining and so she’s just go “EEEERGH!! YOU GUYS ARE SO ANNOYING can’t handle a little prank” *proceed becoming the plague doctor* _-only to watch them scream in agony-_