Pray for Verper’s toilet.

Pray for Verper’s toilet.

Pray for Verper's toilet.

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  1. He’s in the bathroom. There is a knock on the door and Calli’s voice is heard: Hey, I know you are here


  2. Magni so powerful, he got a vampire to ask for divine intervention in another language.

  3. tempus is surprisingly very cultured and fun. nice chaotic streams. hope vesper’s extended vacation to his toilet is filled with magful moments.

  4. somehow a vampire praying to god because the burning from that burns less than the hell he is currently experiencing is the funniest shit

  5. This reminds me of Gordon Ramsay’s comments while on the Hot Ones. Poor man was feeling every aspect of the spices there.

  6. I’m reminded so hard of Alex Agnew’s 2009 show’s ending sketch… Torn between pity and laughing so hard I can’t breathe.