Kaelatherapy going on right now

Kaelatherapy going on right now

Kaelatherapy going on right now

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  1. Honestly here advice of when she gets burnout of just touching grass or talking to neighbours is really obvious advice but does help.

    I’ve been feeling generally bummed out recently and honestly just going out for a walk is a great way to clear your head.

  2. For those still interested, her tips:

    1. Vacation Break

    2. Seek for more new challenges

    3. Talk with someone you trust/professional

    4. Healthy Life

    * Food/Drink control
    * Enough sleb
    * Exercise

    Actually a lot of great and responsible advice. Burnout and motivation go hand in hand, so you can apply these to motivation issues as well (and I’m sure plenty of other things). Though #4 is very questionable coming from her lol.

  3. Just enjoy Burnout, especially 3. Perhaps the most incredible racing series…

    oh, not that burnout? I’ll, um, see myself out 😑