This is going to be chaotic

This is going to be chaotic

This is going to be chaotic

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  1. [Stream will be live on Lui’s Channel](

    This should be good, that’s an all star lineup

  2. It’s gonna be less chaotic than earlier english telephone games they’ve done because Miko isn’t involved to screw everything up.

  3. So Death Cowboy, Shark, Moon, War Criminal, The Entire Damn Circus, Holo X leader and the leaders mom walk into a bar …

  4. I wonder if Moona will throw a bit of Indonesian in there to REALLY throw them off.

  5. Not wxpwcting this one but positvely surprised. Wish that there were more collabs like this. Remember the one during NY with Korone and Miko, got a lot of laugh

  6. So we have Gura and her translator, La+ and her translator, and Pekora and her translator, and Polka.

  7. I like to drink hot chocolate and ice skate in the winter what about you?

    Miko: I liKE tO DRinK HOot ChOcoLate In wInTeR, AbOut yOu?


  8. I wonder what’s more chaotic, that or just three people but one is elite english.

  9. 100% these will be a drawing about Calli yeeting somebody. I can see the future!

  10. Honestly it might not be that bad. They’ve got a lot of members who have decent skill at English or the confidence to make it work. Having Moona be Pekora’s interpreter will probably come in clutch.

  11. I think it will actually go pretty well. Pekora and Laplus will probably screw it over, but that’s what will make it entertaining