[Dezmond] I know VTubing can feel like a revolving door sometimes, but SHEESH

[Dezmond] I know VTubing can feel like a revolving door sometimes, but SHEESH

[Dezmond] I know VTubing can feel like a revolving door sometimes, but SHEESH

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  1. I can’t believe Vesper is dead. It seems like just yesterday that he was enjoying a nice meal on stream.

  2. At least we can find solace in knowing that vesper went down while doing what he liked most: entertaining his vespies.

  3. If only Axel had toned down his swearing, Tempus would still be a trio. Now it’s just a duo, sad times for Holostars EN.

  4. Magni is in danger too. If he starts Magging too hard, he may possibly Mag himself; and we don’t want that😔

  5. My boy Vestie didn’t make it. The hot sauce were too strong for him and his toilet broke 😢

  6. Vesper: dies by hot sauce
    Axel: kicked out by too much swearing
    Dez: will mag himself too hard eventually
    Altare: dragged home by his mom as he is a bad influence for throwing stones at kids

    Man, we will lose the entire generation so quickly 🙁

  7. Yay! Noir Vesper now has monetization! Surely things will go smoothly from here on out. Wait a minute… Why do I hear a faint “Dan dan chikaku naru”

  8. thanks, maglord, for telling us the news. vtubing isn’t as easy as it seems, apparently, and already we have to put to rest a vtuber and replace him for another one? sad. may noir rest in peace.

  9. God damn, I can’t help it but every time I see something like this, I get a mini heart attack

  10. How do those 24/7 running auditions really work? I’m somewhat certain that we won’t see StarsEN gen 2 for another 8-12 months, so let’s say someone auditions today and they meet all the criteria, then what? Do people like that just get a message saying “not bad, kid; we’ll contact you in the next 6 months”? Does anyone know anything about this? I’ve never heard any of holomembers talking about this waiting period and I’ve been curious about it for a while since they don’t do solo debuts.