Are you guys having fun with the new event?

Are you guys having fun with the new event?

Are you guys having fun with the new event?

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  1. Im calling it now, there is no kid, or the kid is dead. We are doing all this for the delusional woman.

  2. I actually really like the direction they’re going with this. Often times people misunderstand the word autistic by a long shot, and describing the issue that comes along with it makes people less likely to brush it off / downplay said thing.

  3. I really like this event. The debugging gameplay is surprisingly simple and relaxing + combat events are always welcome. But the story is giving me slight chills… it has a bit too sad of an undertone.

  4. Ngl I thought this was a generic limited time event Freminet hangout with the usual Genshin Impact tropes but I really like it’s take on mental health and loneliness and the story made you actually care more about Freminet and the main NPC.

    The plot so far is like a well-done Freminet story quest! Good job Hoyo! I feel bad to those who will miss this event as someone who missed the Unreconciled stars event in 1.1 lol

  5. I really like its mature take on mental health issues.

    Honestly when he was describing loneliness syndrome it resonated with me a lot since that basically describes my entire childhood. And most of my adult life as well (minus the delusions). While i have allways been good at dealing with weirdness and when delusion and hallucination starts to encroach on reality its still something i remember keenly

  6. I would enjoy this event more if they didn’t tease me with 72/80 peguin currency in serendipitous dreams 💀


  7. Freminet is a precious baby, and I enjoy any and all of his screentime. 😭💕
    I never pulled him, so I’m super happy to get him for free.

  8. I like that there’s one or more characters in the event story that may be affected by mental illness.

  9. Glad Freminet finally gets some time in the spotlight. He felt like too much of a background character in the archon quest since though I guess he had some role, I barely remember it.

    It feels pretty small for a main event but I’m curious about what direction the story will take when it wraps up. Mental illness is a delicate subject that’s tricky for any game to get right, but so far so good.

  10. Is it me or the story in main events are becoming shorter and shorter since Fontaine? This event is basically speaking with two people, finding some conches and that’s it

  11. i thought the kid is the actual penguin but i guess i skipped too much dialogue to actually fully inderstand what’s happening

  12. I love the story

    I love the BGM of this event

    I love how the animation welcomed us when you started the event

    I love the mini games from this event

    It has been a while since I last enjoyed a side event :’) I guess that’s because the story’s kinda relatable (about loneliness and shiz).

  13. Okay guys, hear me out, but i think the woman is crazy. Not her son, but just straight up her. Why? Cuz maybe she doesn’t actually have a son…

  14. It’s okay, I’m not too interested in it to be honest with how it’s gone so far. I imagine the client is the one with the disorder or something and that the son isn’t around anymore. But we’ll just have to see how act 3 is going to wrap it all up.

    I don’t really care for the mini games of the event. They’re all really simple and not too fun imo. Combat event section is okay but it’s pretty much the standard combat event with a nuke ability. I just want more co op events, those are my favs.

  15. It reminds me about tiktok war where half of tiktok doctors with tiktok ph d were thinking Freminet is autistic 💀💀 idk why those pieces of content were recommended to me

  16. Minigames are average, story is good, though after Paimon freaked out from the idea of losing her daily 2,000-word quota I was struck with a strong urge to stuff her in a slow cooker.

  17. I feel like the whole talk about “curing” mental illness is wild and naming such a condition “loneliness syndrome” is so silly