Today on How I Got Scammed on Genshin Impact

Today on How I Got Scammed on Genshin Impact

Today on How I Got Scammed on Genshin Impact

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  1. Shogun: Traveler, let us spar to hone your skills
    Traveler: One second. Just pose there while I test if this camera film works

  2. Doesn’t look like a staff to me.. Didn’t look for any guide yet but I think I’ll go search for Abyss Mages when I’ll be able to play today

  3. I got scammed also on the first day (Opponents With Wing-Like Structure)

    Apparently Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter 2nd phase does not count even though she DOES have wings no?

  4. Any hint of “can’t read” jokes aren’t appreciated by the fandom. Simply because the fandom are too tired to deal with those players lol

  5. I missed the first 3 days is there any way to get those primos? 🥲 I thought i will able to take all pics at once in the end.

  6. Everyone arguing OP can’t read when they somehow can’t read the comments of the people mentioning that clubs count despite them being way less similar to staffs than polearms and some polearms even being named „staff“ is top tier irony.

  7. “A polearm isn’t a staff”
    “A ‘spear’ isn’t a staff”
    “Genshin players can’t read”

    Can everyone saying this google “staff weapon”?

    For fuck’s sake this event has a lot of issues. No need to dickride everything Mihoyo does just because you play the game. -.-

  8. “Lol genshin players can’t read”

    Staff: a long stick used as a support when walking or climbing or as a weapon.

    How is that not that?

    This event fucking suuuuuuuuuucks

  9. Wonder what the CN term is that was used this time. The last two times it was just shit localization. Can we go for a triple or was Hoyo just being a little drunk after all when making this event?

  10. They are very oddly specific about what counts. Did you know that white swans are blue but Blubberbeasts and Tidalga are not?

  11. This event has been such a shit show.

    I hope they never rerun it in this state.

    It could be pretty good if they gave it a lot of polish.

  12. Thats a naginata… A japanese polearm. Hmm interesting. Polearm is actually a sword-staff sooo it should count? But hey… Asians really like their naginata and glaives 🙂

  13. Are you blind or can’t read? Since when Raiden has a STAFF? Does her weapon look like a staff to you?

    I just can’t with these posts. People skip everything and won’t read even 1 line, but sure will complain.