Still a problem

Still a problem

Still a problem

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  1. Any char with Inazuma mats would be in the same spot, with the archipelago locked by archon quest.

    These two are way more locked tho.

  2. Have both and I can only imagine the pain of having to complete all the WQ associated with getting to and then completing Enkanomiya. No wonder Shenhe takes forever to re run

    They should give the adventurer journal like a world boss challenge mode where you can do a quick start for them would be a great QOL update and wouldn’t spoil any of the lore about the area without making them grind through it

  3. I don’t think its too much honestly. When i made my second account, after getting to Inazuma i could just get to Watatsumi island on a waverider. And after I randomly got Yae it didn’t take too long to unlock Enkanomiya and get to the bosses.

  4. Just play…. if your that low you dont need to lvl up your character that fast and you dont do endgame that early also

  5. Me having to speedran the entirety of Enkanomiya just so that my friends could get access to the boss (so they don’t have to suffer) was such a painful thing to do but definitely worth it for everyone.

  6. This could get an easy fix, use the dream solvent to convert another boss material to the one you need.

    Edit: I mean add the feature to trade 2 world boss mats that star rail has, I’m saying that they could add that to genshin, but I explained very very wrong so my mistake.

  7. i really wish they remove enkanomiya it’s a waste of storage, just traansfer the boss to a location in the overworld or use an instance base whatever to be able fight that boss.

  8. It takes like 30 hours tops if you take your time from beginning to Enkanomiya. You people make a problem out of nothing.

  9. For what it’s worth, by finishing the jade chamber interlude quest after the Liyue archon quest, you do get 2 of the boss drops from the Bathysmal Vishaps which is fairly early on which gets you to lv50. Granted for Yae you still need to enter Inazuma to get the other ascension materials but Shenhe still has everything else in Liyue. Still it gets you a little further along so that your natural game progression can catch up a little more though idk if enough.

  10. I remember when I first got Yae Miko and I was stoked until I discovered a long-ass quest chain to unlock her materials ☠️

  11. For me it was nakuweed and that chasm snek parts for kuki

    I barely needed her by the time i unlocked inazuma

  12. Can definitely agree since I pulled for Miko in 2.5.


    I was lazy to progress in the main story, so needless to say it didn’t go well.

    Now that I’m done with that boss, here’s what I have to say about it.


    Fuck you and your stupid energy drain.

  13. Yeah I feel like that feature makes more sense for the world bosses than for the weekly bosses.

  14. I started in 2.4 and absolutely speed ran the archon Quests so I could unlock enkanomiya to unlock the boss for Yae when she dropped in 2.5 πŸ™ˆ She’s still my favorite character

  15. Shenhe isn’t even from Inazuma though?

    I had a similar problem with Shinobu (the chasm) and Yun Jin (Ruu’s island). Sometimes you just have to bench 1-2 characters until you can make progress with some whose bosses are easy to access.