Love this small detail

Though I can’t tell if that’s Sigewinne or a normal Melusine

Love this small detail

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  1. truly a dad of fontaine

    look the stickers on his gauntlets are signs of love and a stamp of approval for a dad of fontaine

  2. If you’re ok with spoilers read on: >!Sigewinne puts stickers over Rizzly’s gear. In his burst he takes it of. Each burst he’ll have a new sticker on.!<

  3. I think i might just pull for Wriothesley because he has the same voice actor as Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s.

  4. Someone on TikTok posted all the stickers and snuck in a sticker of a naked chibi Neuvillette with a star over his privates 😭

  5. His design is so dope, one of the best drips in the game.

    It’s unfortunate that I’m not too into characters that just punch, it’s just kinda boring to me. Plus he’s coming right between Neu and Furina, so I’m gonna skip him for this phase at least

  6. I on the other hand hate this one.

    I love Wriotheslay and his animations especially are great but that sticker is a thing that bothers me. I generally dislike stickers.