Reality is often disappointing.

Reality is often disappointing.

Reality is often disappointing.

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  1. Look, I like Finn as much as the next guy, but he’s not the first appearance I would go to when I think of all the background lore on Varka.

  2. Hoyo design team lead : ”

    Noo no, smaller, I said smaller, shrink his arms. Like noodle, what don’t you understand about noodles.

    Ok good, now try to make his face as close to a white sheet of paper, no features ok? I especially don’t want to see any hair.

    Perfect, and please don’t forget to remove all semblance of masculinity. He should look like he has been going through hormone therapy for sex change for over a year “

  3. I was hoping they’d go with a larger model for Varka. Start a new model type.

    I always thought of him with a Santa or God of War Thor body. A big meaty guy with a large beard and hearty laugh.