Man thats sad… but primos is primos

Man thats sad… but primos is primos

Man thats sad... but primos is primos

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  1. Yeah… tell that to all “Ex-Khaenri’ah People” and how we murder them all for only 10 primos…

  2. I knew he wouldn’t be able to talk anymore when we come back to him. I watched way too many cheesy TV dramas back in the day to know that this is like one of those scenes where the dying person asks the protagonist to get them some water and when the protagonist returns, the person is already dead. So, to prepare myself, I murdered all the hilichurls first in the nearby vicinity to toughen up. I murdered even more after completing the quest, just to wipe off the sad taste.

  3. Hell yeah! I’ll sacrifice majority of characters for those sweet primos 🤩🤩🤩🥳

  4. Guys it’s off topic and I haven’t played properly but, the archipelago will stay permanently? Or just until 3.0?

  5. Is it? Like are my standards too high or am i being resonable when i say the execution was so painfully bad that i couldnt give a shit?

    Like i fucking loved the idea of reliving the storm that killed the ship but the execution was a super easy short ride that had me at full hp the whole time and thunder never even came close to hitting me.

    At this point its fucking rudimentary for mihoyo. Set up an epic situation and botch it. They did this repeatedly in inazuma and its here again.