It’s dangerous to go alone, take this

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this

It's dangerous to go alone, take this

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  1. We need a Noelle Alter.

    It’s just Noelle but 5star, knighted, adult version.


  2. Thanks for the free aquainted fates, you have provided me with something that can actually protect me

  3. All these years climbing up this statue for Glory’s quest and I never thought about this format. Well done.

  4. Submitted for your approval: this is what we need.

    *Noelle stood before the Knights in the simple white gown, stockings, and shoes, uncomfortable without her armor, but determined not to show her nervousness.*

    *”Noelle, daughter of Harold and Margaret, kneel,” Jean said, and Noelle did so.*

    *In a perfectly timed gesture, all four Captains drew their ceremonial swords, then Kaeya stepped in front of her, laying the flat of his blade against her right shoulder. “In the name of the North wind,” He moved the sword to her left shoulder. “I charge you to be brave.” He stepped away, sword held down at his side as he stopped at the large ‘N’ on the floor.*

    *Albedo was next to approach her, likewise placing his sword on her right shoulder. “In the name of the East wind,” he said before moving it to the other. “I charge you to be chivalrous.” He turned and took a few steps to stand at his own compass point.*

    *Eula repeated the gesture of the men. “In the name of the South wind,” she lifted it over Noelle’s head and laid it down. “I charge you to be just.” She moved to her assigned position, then Jean was in front of Noelle.*

    *”In the name of the West wind,” came the tall woman’s soft voice, “I charge you to defend the innocent.” She moved between Eula and Kaeya, then with a nod, all four Captains raised their swords so that the tips met with Noelle directly underneath. “Stand and be recognized by your fellows.”*

    *Barely able to contain her emotions, Noelle rose gracefully to her feet. The swords stayed in place a moment longer, then were held directly aloft. “Three cheers for Noelle!” Kaeya yelled. “Hip hip!”*

    *”Hurrah!” The assembled knights bellowed, the volume washing over Noelle.*

    *”Hip hip!” Albedo continued the call.*


    *”Hip hip!” Eula shouted.*


    *”Here stands Lady Noelle, Knight of Favonius!” Jean shouted. All four Captains raised their blades slightly higher, and the room exploded into celebration; there wasn’t a single member of the Knights of Favonius who didn’t know how much this moment meant to the now-former maid.*

  5. As much as I enjoy using him, there is still a part of me that is sad about replacing Noelle with Zhongli. I had always said I would never replace her, but I failed her. That’s why I’m so happy I rolled a super early Skyward Pride on my alt account from the standard banner. She’s going to get everything she deserves this time around.

  6. I hate her 80 burst. Gave her itto’s everything to try her and its hard to fill her burst 🙁 i despite any burst higher than 60.

  7. Ppl are lucky got get her c6 since I’ve been stuck at c2 since forever I have c6 xingqui and beidou bur have shogun so beidou useless

  8. I have never pulled twice on the Beginner’s Wish banner just so I can see her everytime I cry in not enough primogems. Noelle has the highest constellation out of all my characters so far and, and, SHIELD GO BRRR- she heals too