Day 3-4 of the event in a nutshell

Day 3-4 of the event in a nutshell

Day 3-4 of the event in a nutshell

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  1. I must say I did this intentionally and with great zeal, the rush of the crime was exhilarating. I’ll do it again too. Not even celestia can stop me.

  2. I have, so far, not even seen my own Waverider once. And it’s not just because of me grabbing the first one I see, I’ve been ~~clumsily slow~~ left behind several times, with the sole Waverider remaining not being my own. It doesn’t affect anything though, does it?

    Edit: formatting fail

  3. How can you even tell the difference between the boats? They’re all the same, right? So how am I supposed to know which one is mine? I genuinely don’t know because I very rarely do co-op lol

  4. Oh.. So this happens…
    I had been tapping the “Return to Challenge Area” option to quickly access my boat whenever we need to head to the next set of platforms. Never really occurred to me that someone else might have been riding my waverider. I’m pretty slow so I usually leave the platforms last, so I do this.
    To anyone I’ve accidentally robbed of a boat and left in the middle of the sea for doing this, I’m sorry.

  5. Some of us are idiots okay lol. I didn’t know I stole a boat until after I was in it

  6. Me when I park my waverider at a good spot and go for the further hilichurls, then my teammates just go for the easy ones, grab mine, and make me swim for the furthest one.

  7. I was playing with a friend of mine earlier and it was only the two of us. In the middle of it all, my waverider just disappeared. It wouldn’t respawn anywhere and wasn’t marked on the map either. So I ended up swimming/gliding around the map and they just raced around with the waverider 💀

  8. I swear to god people were stealing waveriders and racing for speed circles to steal them on purpose, and just sitting in their waveriders too to let others do the kills and get the stats despite not once getting on a high platform…. jhgklsfdjhg