What do these characters have in Common #2

What do these characters have in Common #2

What do these characters have in Common #2

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  1. All of their English voice actors were in Persona 5 and/or Strikers.

    Zhongli – Keith Silverstein – Masayoshi Shido

    Venti – Erika Harlacher – Ann Takamaki

    Rosaria – Elizabeth Maxwell – Sae Niijima

    Itto – Max Mittelman – Ryuji Sakamoto

    Diluc – Sean Chiplock – Yuuki Mishima

    Lisa – Mara Junot – Miyako Kaburagi

    Yelan – Laura Post – Kasumi Yoshizawa

    Aether – Zach Aguilar – Ango Natsume

    Shinobu – Kira Buckland – Kuon Ichinose

  2. They’re all doing things behind the scenes/have done something gone unappreciated.
    Zhongli and venti are archons that do archon things under a secret identity.
    Rosaria does unspoken things at night.
    Itto tried to reunite the blue and red Onnis (and got arrested for it).
    Diluc is batman.
    Lisa went ahead in that one quest and hunted down some members or the abyss herself.
    Yelan saved us behind the scenes and gate keeps the chasm without having her name known.
    The traveler barely ever gets appreciated (come on, nobody except Dain has given actual help, whether he saves a city, or does something small that helps many people).
    Kiki cleans up faster Itto’s gang and tries to minimize their damage.

  3. They’re very scary when they want to get really angry, and I do mean very very very angry.