Theories on who she may be?

Theories on who she may be?

Theories on who she may be?

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  1. Thats fucking Ying’er, the parfume shop owner in Liyue.

    She’s expanding her business and now learning to create new parfum formula in sumeru.

  2. According to leaks >!I think she’s the daughter of someone important in sumeru and wants to join nilou’s theater troupe but her parents are against it iirc. But I’m not sure on why she disappears in the pv. She’s also in one of the leaked cutscenes *Just check it if you want to be spoiled.!<

  3. I don’t think she’s anyone special. Just an example of how everything isn’t as it seems in Sumeru

  4. I think she will be an important character, I hope with more impact than that Inazuma npc I don’t remember the name.

  5. I would say its nilous mom. Maybe we have business with her and she introduces us to her sweet daughter.