Ah yes, there I am.

Ah yes, there I am.

Ah yes, there I am.

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  1. The fact that they went and modeled the thigh gap makes me think that someone at MHY is extremely dedicated to his job

    Edit: now that I think of it, there might a lack of female employees. Itto…

  2. My wife playing the quest

    Wife:- why do they do that

    Me:- Well, you’re enjoying it

    Wife:- ………..

    We both play and she knew that if she said anything else, it would have just gotten worse.

  3. The best angle. Too bad it got cut off when I was playing this event because of my scuffed 4:3 screen.

  4. it’s definitely intentional, every time a female character is in frame, there will always be a boob shoot or an ass shot, or both.

    whatever reels in the money i guess

  5. I swear, every time Eula is in the scene it’s all booty town!

    Whoever made Eula’s design was very meticulous. They actually got the roundness and thickness, hell, they even made it look like there’s an actual weight on her ass.

  6. I mean, that’s the most immediately recognizable part of her by this point, so easiest to identify.