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Sus archons

Sus archons

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  1. Yunjin reminds me a lot of Lili from Tekken. Her design is growing on me tho and I feel like her personality is going to be an uptight diva tsundere type, like Lili herself or Weiss Schnee

  2. New character: Has slightly similar color scheme to two other characters

    The fandom: OH THEY FUCKIN

  3. Actually Yunjin’s model is older than Ei’s being from a datamine around launch sooo…

    Well Yunjin is probably one of those “18 years old season 15” entertainers. X,D

  4. Damn. When Ei said zhongli treated her well at the archon gathering I didn’t know he treated her *that* well

  5. I mean, Ei would be an akward mom, but I have a feeling that Zhongli could be a good dad.