The ‘White Glove’ Man – Ink Drawing

The ‘White Glove’ Man – Ink Drawing

The ‘White Glove’ Man - Ink Drawing

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  1. “[Do you ever wonder why we’re always like, wearing gloves?](”-Bobby Zimuruski *A Goofy Movie*

  2. You made the right call giving sonic his first. Had you shown sonic hands instead of gloves, the internet would have you crucified.

  3. Weird bit of trivia. While the purpose of the gloves was to help make hands more distinct, the inspiration for the specific style of glove is actually from vaudeville and blackface minstrel shows.

    (Not trying to suggest that mere gloves are in any way problematic. I just think it’s interesting.)

  4. This looks really nice. Like “I want this on my wall” nice. But i think selling these would give you a serious case of lawyeritis

  5. I am very happy sonic is already wearing his. I don’t think I could comprehend seeing him without.

  6. Any one gunna bring up that this man is likely responsible for the genocide of the hamburger helper race of glove people?

  7. Luckily op is the author of the drawing which can solve my questions.

    Are gloves 4-finger or five? Why is sonic showing 5 a fingers glove in one hand but in the other seems to be trying one with 4 fingers?

  8. It took me a second to realize why Sonic got his gloves before those other, more famous characters. Nice little detail.

  9. Gotta HAND it to you, this is super creative. This is the type of shit I like to draw too.. bringing all of the toon worlds together and doing something random. You stood true to the artistic style of each character, while adding one of your own, White Glove Guy. Love everything about this.

  10. old cartoon characters wear white gloves so they don’t look like double amputees whenever their arms are pulled into their sold black bodies. And their bodies are solid black because that was easier to draw at the time than white with black outlines. (this incidentally is also the reason so many of them are Funny Animals, as a cartoon human with solid black skin would have political implications).

  11. I’m kinda disappointed by the lack of cursed ungloved hands here. Build a story into why they need them.

  12. That’s got to be a European fountain pen. Kaweco, right?
    Is it a medium or fine?
    I recommend Rotring ART pen, that’s a classic.

  13. Cuz hands are too expensive to animate back then and they didn’t want to change the characters. Krusty’s gloves might’ve been a design choice though.

  14. Gloves are worn by so many because the drawing of hands with fingers over and over again for old cartoons was extremely hard to do . In Stem Boat Willie, Mickey had no gloves, but I think only three fingers. They learned from that that they needed to find a way to be able to reproduce the image and make it consistent. Hence the gloves.