Be a bear this Thanksgiving

Be a bear this Thanksgiving

Be a bear this Thanksgiving

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  1. What in earth would the bear dlc have that wouldn’t be included in the main game of being a bear?

    Picnic baskets?

    Forest fires?

    A fighting game level/arena wherein you defend your freshly caught salmon from fishermen?

    Changing the letter ‘a’ on signs to the letter ‘e’ (or vice versa)?

    Living in a zoo?

    A secret level where you are a teddy bear in a youngster’s room keeping them safe from the things in the night?

    I could keep going on, on second thoughts…

  2. Can’t wait for the “hibernation” achievement where you make your character find a cave, go to sleep and then you have to keep your computer running with the game open for 3-6 months

  3. This could be awesome!

    Grizzly or Kodiak.

    Different levels, different scenarios, unique terrain …

  4. But can I be a bear? I don’t really think this is clear enough. It’s important to me to be a bear.

  5. Is this a game about being a bear or being a bear? It wasn’t clear and only one of them sounds fun to play

  6. I still like envirobear nothing like driving a stationwagon around the woods gathering berries and fish to eat to get teady for hibernation

  7. “Ya can’t miss the bear!” – no idea why but that one line in that one episode of Weeds stuck with me. Might have been the pilot episode? Too lazy to look, will continue saying for the rest of my days.

  8. Yeah the snow bear missions are always the hardest, snow and ice suddenly collapsing left and right makes the game twice as hard, other than that, 10/10 would bear again.