Returning to single player games reminded me why I fell in love with gaming.

Returning to single player games reminded me why I fell in love with gaming.

Returning to single player games reminded me why I fell in love with gaming.

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  1. PvP can be fun for short bursts, or while I’m chatting with friends. But singleplayer is what I prefer when I really want to relax and lose myself in a game.

  2. I’m too old and bad at video games to play any PVP, and I don’t have the desire to dedicate enough time to compete.

  3. I always considered Multiplayer the treat after completing the campaign. When I was young I refused to touch the multi-player until I beat the campaign, as often times you wouldn’t unlock things in multi-player without beating camping first.

    It baffled me that there were people who never played Modern Warfare 2’s campaign and just straight up jumped into multi-player. Nowadays campaigns kind of suck and the PvP isn’t a treat but a grindfest with microtransactions. Kind of wish we could go back to the old days of good campaigns and multi-player games.

  4. I only played League on unranked, normal, open pug games and even *THEN* people were losing their shit if you weren’t absolutely pro-tier perfect.

  5. My homies don’t understand why I don’t like playing pvp multiplayer games much anymore and it’s cause I can’t stand getting my ass whooped in a BR for two hours. Sure getting the W is fun, but quickly dying 10 times in a row is not. At least when I play single player I feel like I’m making progress in even the hardest of games.

  6. I used to be all about the PvP. I took a break and tried to go back and it’s just not fun. As an out of practice 32 year old it actually just frustrates me now

  7. Pvp games arent even that bad it’s like the communities are so freaking toxic. They will find ANY reason to complain and won’t stop. Like. .if people would just enjoy the game..

  8. In pvp games with voice chat I hear more swear words and insults in 5 min than the whole day. Single player is relaxing. I can play at my own speed.

  9. I envy multiplayer gamers who play casually and aren’t very good. It’s much more fun when you know you can improve and still try your best.

  10. Multiplayer games used to be a lot of fun before YouTube and Twitch, that is before the time it was easy to watch pros play and before there were dozens of advanced strategies that help really dedicated players learn how to win edge cases over casuals.

    I remember playing Halo 2 at launch and learning the importance of circle strafing and using lateral movement to help me aim rather than just moving the right stick. I got better on my own, over time, and it was a lot of fun. Now I feel like I need to study any multiplayer game like I would for a college level class just to compete.

  11. Never could get into Multiplayer games, Mostly because I have no friends … and then the sadness crept in 🙁

  12. When I get mad at a game I want it to be for my own stupidity, not someone else’s assholery.

  13. I revisited Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago and was soon reminded why I swore off mmorpg. Single player is where it’s at. I never feel like I’m underpowered or that my gear isnt good enough. Mmorpg’s always made me feel like I had to be playing like it was a second job just to be a moderate player. No thanks, who has time for that shit.

  14. I’ve been on a bus driving across mountain switchbacks like that and I can tell you firsthand that I did not look that happy to be on the side of the bus facing the cliff.

  15. My son is 12 and I started playing Warzone with him and it’s been such a toxic experience. Just this heavy cloud of misery. It’s totally infected him too, I just can’t play anymore. I’m 47 and have been playing the Yakuza series this last year and couldn’t be happier with it. I’m too old to not have fun with my gaming time.

  16. I basically agree, although Halo Infinite has made me break my no multiplayer games rule. Just too much fun.

  17. The reason I stopped playing single player games was because they are too easy, predictable and therefore monotone

  18. I limit my pvp games to the games I’m “good” at. If I suck, there better be a single player option.

  19. This is what has me laughing a bit about the people flipping shit over the mess that is halo infinite multi-player and how it’s going to ruin the halo franchise and i could not give 2 shits about online play.