Which Skyrim city would you want to live in and why would it be Solitude?

Which Skyrim city would you want to live in and why would it be Solitude?

Which Skyrim city would you want to live in and why would it be Solitude?

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  1. Whiterun. It’s almost always sunny, the Jarl is an honorable man who knows what he’s doing, the plains surrounding have some of the most fertile land in all Tamriel, the city seems to be prospering, it’s more open air than other cities, it’s not dominated by any one race, the temple of Kynareth has the best healers in Skyrim, it’s not dominated by the Imperials or the Stormcloaks, it’s not overrun by the Forsworn or Thieves Guild, and the Companions have their werewolves under control. Why choose Solitude?

  2. Falkreath seems so peaceful and just out of the way. I think I would like it there. Reminds me of Strawberry from RDR2.

  3. Falkreath no, a bit too grim

    Markath HELL no.

    Riften probably no, what with the thieves

    Dawnstar maybe? Mining is cool, I guess.

    Winterhold no, nothing there but the college

    Morthal nope, too many vampires

    Windhelm maybe, except the racism and the serial killer

    Whiterun yes, if I get to visit the Cloud district on occasion

    Solitude yes, if my uncle doesn’t go around opening gates for people

  4. Whiterun or Riften. Maybe not Riften itself, but The Rift is a beautiful hold. Now, if we’re talking time and all, I’d love to live in Windhelm back during ESO times. Big, beautiful city with a rich history.

  5. I can just imagine Solitude being mentioned in some lore in TOS 6 about the huge rock arch collapsing with dozens killed in the incident.

  6. Was gonna say Solitude, so you spitting straight facts. Riften is a close second purely because of the thieves guild.

  7. Weird I haven’t played Skyrim in about 7 years, but seeing all the city names and I feel right back in it

  8. Without any mods I’d say whiterun was decent as is, got a house, centrally located to go questing

  9. Riften. Sign me up for the thieves guild. But only after delvin is killed and they get their luck back. Also because its probably the warmest part of skyrim. I hate the cold.

  10. As someone who’s never played any Elder Scrolls game from these screenshots I’d say I’d want to live in the right-middle one. (the wooden pathways one) What’s that city? Would that be a good choice?

  11. I just want to say that the Anniversary update has really been enjoyable. I’m thoroughly enjoying the survival mechanics and the rest of the creator content that I’ve encountered. It’s also genuinely more challenging than it was before. But definitely Whiterun, that place seems to have its shit together.

  12. Definitely Windhelm. The deep cultural significance of the city, the weirdly accepted racism towards a certain race and the occasional serial killer…It’s basically San Francisco but with heavy snow.

  13. I’d totally take Markarth for location, scenery, and climate if it wasn’t overrun with corruption and infested with terrorists. Otherwise, gotta say Falkreath.