Someone was tired of dogs pooping in their yard…

Someone was tired of dogs pooping in their yard…

Someone was tired of dogs pooping in their yard...

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  1. Haha this is me.

    It gets really tiring stepping on some inconsiderate douchebags dog shit or one of your kids does and tracks it inside.

    People were purposely ignoring my sign so the next sign I put “any dog shit left on my lawn will be returned to the owner” and I fucking did throw a bag of dog shit on someone’s porch once, I quietly followed them a couple blocks and I tossed their bag on their porch. I haven’t had Any more problems in a few years (knock on wood)

  2. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, nothing real fancy. These rich old broads walk their ugly af hybrid dogs every morning. Through a park, down my street, and they would shit on my front lawn. So I waited for them and scared them half to death jumping out of the bushes. Now I’m not from this nice place. Fucking bourgeois people are the dumbest mfrs of all. So after they came back and their dogs shat again. I gathered it into a paper bag, and followed them back to their house. Front Door, wide open, garage wide open. Seriously these people live differently. I dumped the bag of crap onto the front carpet and gave it a shmear. I said “hello!”, whistled, and rang the doorbell, nothin. This place is strange sometimes, like a cult of imbeciles.

    That’s my rant.

  3. Someone’s dog was pooping on my lawn (but way up at the top so maybe it was a stray, cuz I doubt people walked their dog all the way up my lawn). I wanted so bad to put up a sign and I felt so frustrated that dogs can’t read haha