I’m feeling generous today

I’m feeling generous today

I'm feeling generous today

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  1. He has no gunner, no need to let it slide.
    By the time he switched position you’ll be gone already.

  2. ~~F~~or a moment, I thought this was just some random person driving with a 50-caliber machine gun on their jeep. I figured the gun would be disabled. But still the belt of bullets hanging from the gun seemed a bit much.

  3. And no one is concerned with what looks like an M20 series Bazooka that’s mounted right by the spare tire?

    Just sayin’


  4. Tagged as FL 55M38A1, which at one point was claimed by Bill McBride .Sr, but as having Chicago plates in that instance (these are FL plates, and the picture is Florida LATLON 30.425973, -86.608318. The driver does not look like McBride, but it looks like the same jeep

    There is zero chance he’s cutting off anyone in that thing; those older jeeps have a max top end of like 100kph.

    That .50 is maybe tagged as inoperative but honestly I’d feel a lot better if that belt was stowed.

    The bullets have light-colored tips, as far as I know, on .50 BMG all the light-colored tips are incendiary of one kind or another. That’s pretty bad. API rounds, there’s often some paperwork just to buy the things, and buying ’em off the back of a truck is a good way to blow your face off.

  5. I would consider calling the police if I saw someone like that driving around. The machine gun appears to be loaded. How do I know that person isn’t a lone wolf off to his former elementary school?

  6. My neighbors son has one like that. It’s really cool. He takes it to a ww2 gathering every year.

  7. With what he’s packing, there is a good chance even the police would make exceptions for him.

  8. I really love the Willy’s Jeep. Iconic enough that Jeeps new Renegade model looks strangely like it.