Just wanted to be remembered for the thing she loved the most.

Just wanted to be remembered for the thing she loved the most.

Just wanted to be remembered for the thing she loved the most.

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  1. I’m surprised that no one else beat me to posting [a link to the article](

  2. It was supposed to be a tasteful decoration, but she accidentally wrote 5.5′ instead of 5.5″

  3. The way they worded it made me imagine little old grandma being like “I need to be buried under 600lbs of dick” and this was the safest assumption they could make.

  4. Sorry guys, the one person who wanted your unsolicited dick pics is no longer able to appreciate them.

  5. Apparently this was in Veracruz, Mexico. This is probably gonna make Día de los Muertos very awkward for some people…

  6. Old people were freaky, they be havin 7 kids and shit but still cuss you out if you thought of boobs

  7. granny knew what she was doing, can’t be sad visiting her grave with a 600lb penis in front of you. hell, anyone visiting a passed loved one would get a small laugh out of it.

  8. I’m seeing into my future… O_O

    Though I’d likely prefer mine to be sculpted in photorealistic detail… maybe even have the base seeded like a chia pet…

    You taking note u/chesterforbes?

  9. It is said that at midnight, people might see the ghost of an old lady riding atop the tip of the statue, eerily floating up and down repeatedly. When the ghost sees you, she floats up and down faster until she vibrates into the dark void.

  10. Obit: “Louise Hoenin, devoted sister, beloved cunt, passed away due to undisclosed causes last Thursday at her home.”

  11. Can you imagine one of your parents dies, you spend thousands on funereal and burial expenses, you do your best to honor their memory and exact their last wishes…one day you decide to head to the cemetery with your family to grieve only to find someone put up a giant cock right next to your parent’s grave.

    Dick move!

  12. I hope that’s not in a cemetery with other graves nearby, that would be a dick move.