The man with 3 arms/hands

The man with 3 arms/hands

The man with 3 arms/hands

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  1. He actually has four. If you want to know what he’s doing with the fourth, look at the woman’s face.

  2. I have to wonder what was so wrong with the original dad model that they just shoved another dude overtop instead…?

  3. Vanity Fair magazine made a similar goof a few years ago, and gave Oprah three hands.

  4. Maybe he has 4 arms and one is grabbing her ass as well, which is why she’s looking at him like that.

  5. I remember when i was in Grade 4 like 15 years ago, someone had photo shoped the family dogs leg into a dick, i brought it to school to show everyone lol. Sears catalog
    Edit it was actually an ikea catalog

  6. That’s a good dad, can hold both kids and cook with the third.

    Just can’t compete with these new dad standards anymore.

  7. …I’m imagining a scenario where the lady in the photograph is being accused by her significant other of cheating on him with the man in this photograph, and she just doesn’t know of a way to prove that she’s never met him and has definitely had never stood next to him…