Took me a second…

Took me a second…

Took me a second…

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  1. please can someone tell me i still dont get it

    EDIT: does it mean his grades went down in history

  2. Did his high gym grades explain why they never let him join in any reindeer games?

    Anyone else have The simpsons version of this song stuck in their head now?

  3. Haha took me a while but this is pretty funny. For people that haven’t gotten it yet (Ik cause it took me some time) just sing the rudolf the red nose reindeer song a few times and you’ll get it xD

  4. The only reason he went down in history was because last semester it was about the Elfish Civil rights protests of 1923 (which is a fascinating subject if you ask me) And this semester was about about how global warming was effecting the polar Ice caps as well as causing mutations in deer of the north pole which is kind of upsetting when you have a nose that glows bright red.

  5. Fucking hell I was so convinced that they were song notes and looked for my recorder, it’s just song lyrics,,,

  6. We all go down in history with a
    Sad Statue of Liberty and generation that didn’t agree

  7. Gah I had to recite the whole fuckin song in my head before I could get the joke. I feel tricked

  8. I had to look up the answer. Plus, how could he have gotten an A- if the other reindeer wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games?