The last of the SNL funny men

The last of the SNL funny men

The last of the SNL funny men

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  1. Can’t be last if he died first.. Love the Farley but Adam, Farrell and Spade are still here. RIP Norm as well!

  2. Is it weird that I fucking miss him? I didn’t know Farley personally, or at all. I was a kid when he made most of his films. I only found SNL after he’d left. But oh man, this guy brought me such damn joy in every role he took and I miss feeling that specific happiness and laughter he brought. Every now I’ll put on a show to feel it again, but it’s a little painful knowing he’s gone.

  3. Not only funny as hell and inventive he was a great human being the guy would totally help out random people on a regular like picking up homeless folks getting them a meal and warm place to sleep

  4. Is funny men a specific group or something? Because even the current cast has some top notch talent.