This dude’s wisdom is what we need

This dude’s wisdom is what we need

This dude’s wisdom is what we need

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  1. He is such an amazing man, and so spot on. Its terrible when people take extra effort to not piss off rude, demanding people, and step all over nice people because they know they wont retaliate.

  2. Reddit could really take some notes from this man considering how heralded he is here. A true gentleman and good soul.

  3. This is the third time I’ve seen this posted and each time it puts a smile on my face. Imagine a world where people thought like him and we didn’t have to up vote a posting because most of us were that way naturally. If you’re reading this it starts with you just add this strategy and philosophy and the World will be a better place 🙏

  4. Could literally have a reddit front page with all the wholesome things Keanu does, hopefully he has it returned to him in spades.

  5. Being kind is not being weak. Have you ever tried to be kind to someone who deserves a throat punch?

  6. I’ve had a crush on him since Point Break (professional old)!

    He is still a good guy, and I still am admiring from afar. 🖤

  7. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, why should you?

    Don’t let any regret, mistake, guilt or failure stop you.

  8. pfft… wisdom… as if these talk shows aren’t scripted events and none of these celebrities have press agents and writers that feed them lines to regurgitate on cue. You know, like actors do. You know what I want to see? One of these multi millionaire actors donate all their earnings from their next movie to actually making something worthwhile for people that need it. Like good people try to do good things on a daily basis everywhere. Come on Keanu, write a big ass cheque and save some poor bastards from a miserable life. Write a million dollar cheque. You’ll still have 359 million dollars left. Until that day comes I’ll enjoy your movies and change channels when you and your like pretend to share your hard earned wisdom with us commoners.