still is one of the best feelings

still is one of the best feelings

still is one of the best feelings

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  1. I just rearranged the furniture in my flat a few days ago and my parents were among the first people I texted pictures of the new setup to and they were like “wow nice” and I was like “fuck yes new flat new me”-_

    What I’m trying to say is, this is no less fucking tight as an adult. Right?

  2. This is the feeling that makes house clean-up so damn satisfying. Just clearing out the whole place and finding so much new space!

  3. I get this feeling when I finally clean my room after months of putting it off. Makes such a difference to my mood

  4. I want to do that with my living room! That feeling when everything you have found its place, that is so wonderful. 🙂

  5. What the hell is going on? For the first month, shifting my bed to the opposite corner was fantastic.

  6. I did that whenever i couldnt fall asleep. Moving all the furniture around in the middle of the night scared my parents for the first couple of times. Then they figured its was harmless lmao.

  7. lol I’m 17 and my mom still goes “Wow, very nice!” when I set my room and I have a stupid grin

  8. Nah, I’d jus get hit by my step father and he would tell me to put everything back where it was, to quit fucking around and get outside and weed the garden or stack firewood.

  9. Halfway through you realized you fucked up and there’s no rearranging, only the grave.

  10. Lol, with my teenage depression? How about we just throw everything on the carpet and push it into piles as I need to move through.

  11. Did this last weekend and got a bout of sciatica, thanks to moving the bed I had to see a physio, can barely stand up and am only able to sleep on my stomach for the next few weeks, being an adult sucks