No Time to Die

No Time to Die

No Time to Die

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  1. I have a weird fear of dying before the season finale of my favorite show….

    Like what if I’m old and get into this amazing show. I may not have 5-10 years to see it play out.

  2. I mean who in reality is passing up fresh made cookies? I would sit through Bridgerton and my job for fresh cookies.

  3. Death: it’s time to die.

    Me: let me check my schedule. *looks* mmmm, sorry can’t die right now.

  4. Well she can’t die before she finishes the second sock! That’s just eternal Second Sock Syndrome and that’s how you get cranky ghosts!

  5. “It’s been fifty years past your expiration date, Mrs Schmidt. People are starting to ask questions…”

  6. Little did death know that the cocoa was poisoned and mrs Schmidt had decided he was her next victim

  7. My grandma’s last name was Schmidt, as is mine. But she wouldn’t have made cookies and watched TV. She would have made fried dumplings and then fought the weird, skinny, dude for bringing a sickle in the house.

  8. I want a manga series about the grim reaper trying to do his job but having an extremely hard time doing so. Between people who died too early, really nice old people, or people who are fighting very hard to stay alive, and the grim reaper is on the side cheering them on, or trying to hold back tears. God that would be such a good story. Pls someone do this for me I don’t have enough talent to make this good.