Such a sweet gesture!

Such a sweet gesture!

Such a sweet gesture!

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  1. Whenever my dad meets a cashier that’s in good spirits and are nice to him he’ll either go to the manager or send an email to the store and explain how good of a job that cashier was doing.

  2. I would steal this idea, but I am fucking terrible at telling if people have a bad day or not. Every chashier I meet looks fucking tired and depressed

  3. My grandpa always did this. He loved giving people candy. He also did it so they wouldn’t be mad he was carrying his pomeranian through the grocery store lol

  4. Except that in the UK most supermarkets don’t let you take gifts of any kind from customers.

  5. Then loss prevention fires them for lack of proof they bought the candy bar. Saw it happen to a guy once.

  6. In most places they would need a receipt that proves they bought it or you can get written up.

  7. I had this once when I was a cashier myself.
    It was a man who asked me what drink to get and I said “cola”. After he paid he gave it to me.
    I was completely 100% awkward afterwards but it definitely made my day!

  8. I have a similar thing that I do. As a home health nurse, I see a lot of people that may not have very much, and maybe don’t even get hot food very often—-no one to cook for them. When I am going to one of those homes, I stop at a fast food place and buy a coffee and a large fries. Then when I get to the patient’s home, I have my coffee in one hand and the fries in the other. I tell them, “ funny thing happened just now. When I stopped and got a coffee, they handed me fries with it. They wouldn’t take it back and I’ve already had lunch, so I guess they’re yours.”

  9. I used to do it. One day, the cashier said “if you want to, you need to buy it, make a letter naming the person, then let the manager know who it should be sent the candy.

    Yeah, I stopped that day

  10. Be VERY careful doing this. The employee will have no way to prove the candy was purchased, not stolen, and they could get fired. Walmart is especially strict. I only worked there for a month but one of my coworkers got fired for BUYING ibuprofen while she was on the clock because she had a headache. Also, a lot of places do not allow you to accept gifts from customers.