Tony Hawk Being Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Being Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Being Tony Hawk

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  1. For all you newer skaters having issues with tricks just remember; Tony Hawk, easily one of the best skaters to ever live and who pioneered has issues landing simple tricks every time.

    I was always self conscious about that, but realized after years that the best fuck up on easy tricks all the time. Skating is hard af to be consistent as shit. Just try your best and learn to eat shit well.

  2. I tried a kick flip once, broke my ankle and it was the last time I skated. That was 17 years ago..

    That is Hella impressive for a fifty-something dude

  3. Had a similar encounter a few month ago. I was the old one and the neighbors boy asked for that one trick I can still do

  4. Ngl, same. I don’t do kickflips on flat much anymore because I’m usually skating a quarter pipe or out of a bank. Kickflip is a pretty basic trick but like everything else, if you don’t do it much you might fuck it up.

    It’s the same with a frontside 180 on flat. I rarely do it so when someone asks I just hope I don’t eat shit haha.

  5. Tony hawk has been making these stories up for years to try to stay relevant. I have NEVER seen someone take aging this hard in my entire life. It’s the same joke OVER and OVER again how has nobody caught on yet???