You can’t hate Paul Rudd

You can’t hate Paul Rudd

You can’t hate Paul Rudd

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  1. The most arduous task would be to match the gibberish scrawl to the human.

    But good for the sexiest man alive. 👍

  2. My friends bought me a jersey of my favorite sports team once and they knew the assistant coach on the team or something so they were going to get it signed by a couple players. Turns out the ENTIRE TEAM signed it but now they won’t give it to me because it is too valuable.

  3. He could just ask each of the people signing that shield to donate like 0.1% of their wealth and get a few million dollars. This is the opposite of a feel good story. Median us income is 30k give or take. This would be like asking the average person to donate $30 to a cause they really give a damn about. He’s getting praised for asking someone else to pay for something it cost him nothing to make but he could easily outpace that donation by giving up what would be pocket money to him. Celebrities raising money is and always has been BS.