He’s a king!!

He’s a king!!

He's a king!!

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  1. Half this sub are completely made up back stories for things that would be good without them. A man on a subway bringing pizza and flowers home is good enough, why make up that people were making fun of him and calling him poor?

    For karma. Always for the karma. Stupid.

    Misinformation runs the world.

  2. People weren’t clowning on him. People weren’t calling him lame. It’s a made-up story. It’s also another post that didn’t make me smile.

  3. I had a very educational conversation with my exboss once. He told me the time he got divorce and his wife gets half of what he earned. And I comments something like “ouch! that sucks”. He said “when I married her I was nothing and broke. got got married at city hall, SHE had to pay for the fees and our lunch. For our first anniversary all I could afford was a sandwich in a park. She loved me, NEVER judged me, NEVER asked more form me, but she gave me motivation every day to work harder and harder to give her the life she deserved. She deserves half and probably more.”

  4. Might be a made up social media content. (Not blaming O.P since this look cross posted from other social media, and the source is not available)

    Difficult to believe someone would tease some one with a pizza and flowers for ther partner. Be it man or woman. There are people who cant even afford this. If anybody doubt about the inferiority of a gift, see the following clip.

    Will Ferrell- Starnger than Fiction.

  5. Of course no one gave a shit about his choice of gifts why do some kids think they can trick the Internet?

  6. No way anyone goes out of their way to ridicule a man holding a pizza box and flowers in a subway. This is just straight up bs

  7. If i ever had a dude come buy me a bouquet of flowers and PIZZA, id be thinking im the luckiest girl in the world 😭 even if he got me a single bag of chips. Food is just something else to some people, including myself

  8. I feel like this is one of those posts where they say the person wad made fun of just to get people to comment that people shouldn’t fun of them