Gotta love those healthy snacks

Gotta love those healthy snacks

Gotta love those healthy snacks

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  1. Regular Snickers bar: 2 servings

    WTF?! Am I some kind of an animal who is supposed to eat half a freaking candy bar and burrow the other half away for winter or what?!

  2. Nuts are the worst. You can eat like five of the little bastards before the calories start to really add up.

  3. serving size: 1/19th of this non resealable bag of chips that gets stale and/or soggy within a couple of hours

  4. There’s these seaweed snacks from Costco that I fucking love. They come in individual little trays that are clearly designed to be eaten in one sitting. A quick glance at the nutrition info says 20 calories. For the longest time I thought it was a great Lowe calorie snack until one day I casually glanced back at the info and realized it was 20 cal per serving, and there were FIVE servings to this tiny little tray. Now, 100 calories still isn’t bad, but to say that there’s 5 servings is just clearly bullshit designed to appear lower calorie than it is.

  5. Fun Fact: Many serving sizes are more about not hitting a limit that causes a change in advertising.

    Example: A ‘Fat Free’ product means it contains less than 0.5% fat.

    So the serving size equates to 0.4999% fat allowing the company to advertise the product as ‘Fat Free’.

  6. Always love when the serving size listed isn’t the logical amount someone is going to eat in a single serving.

  7. From my experience, most adult men would starve if going by most serving sizes. Its just there to make you think its more than it is.

  8. This is why America needs a better nutritional label standards like the EU. I don’t care about your damn arbitrary serving sizes, have everything based on 100g/100ml system. I’ll do the math myself. (Or sometimes, the EU labels have a secondary info based on per-packet serving size)

  9. A serving size isn’t necessarily a recommended serving size. It’s just telling you that the nutrition information is for that particular serving size.

  10. Serving size for chips is like 15, I just ate that many while deciding I wanted chips.

  11. They often do that so they can put in big letters the small numbers in the form of “calories, fats and carbs” per portion, and hide the law mandated 100g sheet in the back. “Oh only 2g of saturated fats!?” *In a singular portion. Portion size, half a pringle*

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