The only new Home Alone movie I will accept

The only new Home Alone movie I will accept

The only new Home Alone movie I will accept

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  1. In which Kevin invites the now released Wet Bandits to his family’s cottage. They have a nice meal together as the former crooks explain what led them to their life of crime and how they found redemption. Then Kevin pulls out a gun and explains that man is the most dangerous prey. He forces them into the woods and gives them until his macaroni and cheese meal is finished cooking as a head start. The Wet Bandits run and try to escape, but Kevin keeps finding them and toying with them. In a Predator-like twist, the bandits have to setup traps in the woods to stop their unrelenting stalker. They finally dispatch him in a clever trap. Thinking they are safe, they return to the cottage, only to find Kevin’s mom in full BDSM gear, waiting to capture and torture them.

  2. I’m hanging out for Nursing Home Alone where he electrifies the Zimmer frame and balances his bedpan over the door to his room.

  3. Macaulay Culkin was in the latest season of American horror story. He was really good in it. The season itself was pretty awful however he did well.

    Not really a spoiler but this is a description of his character. >!He plays a drug addicted male prostitute and he is pretty relatable.!<

  4. It’s a shame we won’t be seeing Macaulay Culkin anytime soon, he’s still trying to escape Rich Evan’s sleeping bag.

  5. Home Alone – The Road to Redemption

    Marv and Henry have reformed their ways, Both went on to become EMT’s and have served with distinction for over 20 years. Marv just got married for the 2nd time and Henry is getting on in years and is about to retire. Then a call comes in, patient needs transporting to a Treatment Center in another state. Patient is highly contagious and in critical condition and because of the risks involved from a recent surgery flying the patient is not an option, the pair see’s the name and then the patient and immediately recognize him, with a nod at each other our unlikely hero’s step up and volunteer for the duty.

    there a better start to a movie than most of the crap from hollywood.

  6. A surprisingly few people know that there is another Home Alone movie coming out next month. Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit) is playing the kid and Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper are the bad guys. Culkin is also set to reprise his role as Kevin

  7. Ah yeah.. the psychological drama about the burglars deeply seated trauma and Kevin’s guilt..

  8. Do they meet in a rehab clinic? Because it looks like they meet in a rehab clinic.

  9. Story idea:

    The criminal duo has spent their prison time studying law. They decide to sue Kevin for the reckless physical and mental damage they incurred while seeking shelter from the events in New York City. They claim that Kevin had legitimate castle doctrine protections as he had no more right to be in the home than they did and that he had lured them there.

    Kevin doesn’t show up at court. The plaintiffs would win by default, but a search party finally finds him in Central Park, lying on the ground, rocking himself, and wondering if he can bear to face them once again as scenes from R-rated memories play.

  10. Story Idea 2

    In a strange twist of fate, Kevin is convicted of embezzling money from his successful construction company and sentenced to the same prison as our criminal duo. They discover him and make his life miserable.

    Twist: Kevin is actually undercover, seeking leads on a robbery/kidnapping/rape/murder case involving an 8 year old boy who looked a lot like Kevin. Investigators believe the two are responsible, but they need Kevin to extract enough of a confession to find the critical evidence to keep them to achieving parole and striking again.

  11. The tall robber lives across the street from my girlfriend. Well sort of a street. She lives on an avocado orchard and my man has his own orchard too so more of a dirt road

  12. Always wondered about the sentence Marv and Harry got after Home Alone 2. I mean, they escape prison, cross state lines, immediately commit a robbery of a charity on Christmas Eve, proceed to hunt down the only witness with the intention of murdering him…I mean, that’s gotta add some time to the sentence.

    EDIT: The toy store isn’t a charity, but the money they steal is for charity.

  13. Little did we know that the real burglarized goods were the hearts that were stolen along the way.

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