Cat of the week awards

Cat of the week awards

Cat of the week awards

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  1. Leo reminds me of my Cat as a kitten. He’d entered his ZOOMIES phase and ran up and down the Hallway at top speed and up to the top of the couch. One day for what ever reason he ran down the hall up the couch and up my grandfather coincidentally, suddenly stopped on his chest. Bite his nose and just zoomed off, never did it again after.

  2. Reminds me of the aws course I’m taking, the teacher uses pictures of his cats in the labs/demos.

    I’m currently hosting a website that lists the cat Merlin as the top 10 cats of the week with blinky the one eyed cat as a runner up.

    Of course the list of cats was judged by Merlin

  3. I would like to think this person lives alone and this is purely for the cats to learn and grow.

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