Whoa Constrictor [OC]

Whoa Constrictor [OC]

Whoa Constrictor [OC]

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  1. Constructors hold their prey with their mouth while constricting. I don’t think this guy is on the level.

  2. A scout troop is on a hike and encounters a snake. One of the boys asks the scout master if the snake is poisonous. The scoutmaster says definitely not. The boy runs up to look at the snake and gets bit. He immediately falls down and starts convulsing. The scout master turns to the rest of the troop and says “This is an important distinction boys, you see that snake is *venemous* so you don’t want it to bite you. It is not *poisonous* so it would be safe to eat.”

  3. Fun fact of the day: for the most part, constrictors kill smaller prey by raising their blood pressure so much that they have heart attacks