I’m sure they’ll be fine…

I’m sure they’ll be fine…

I'm sure they'll be fine...

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  1. Hard to believe he’s 90! Going to space is no walk in the park, and many people at 90 can’t even walk in the park!

  2. Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Ensign Lewis beam down to the surface. Guess which one isn’t coming back.

  3. I swear to any god that will here me, if Bezos kills Shatner it’s time for a revolution.

  4. Fun fact: There’s a good book called “Redshirts” by John Scalzi… fun read. There’s an audiobook version read by Wil Weaton

  5. In the Space Program full of nerds, No one remembered what happens to the Red Shirts?

    Blue Shirts. They are supposed to be scientists.

  6. Since we are launching random civilians into space can we please finally send a fucking poet. [I nominate her.](

  7. The only reason Bezos’ give a fuck about putting Shatner on his flight is for the publicity. There he was hogging the camera’s as Shatner got off the dickhead-mobile.

    I don’t see the “scientific” benefit of these flights; only an avenue for Bezos to make MORE money while NOT paying any taxes.

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