[OC] stomped

[OC] stomped

[OC] stomped

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  1. God I love that movie, but one thing has always bothered me….
    Why would you bite the curb? You’re dead either way in that situation. I’d rather take the bullet.

  2. I was 6 when a church member missionary came over for a visit and showed my brother and me this move, followed by a speed run of the entire game. It forever changed my perspective on what an expert gamer was seeing the lives animation with a freaking crown on it since he had so many lives!

  3. Does that line ever work “please you don’t have to do this” ?? It’s always in movies but it never ends well lol, remember kids think of something else to say!

  4. Thank, I hate this .

    Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever find that scene or any reference to it funny.

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