Oh no they didn’t

Oh no they didn’t

Oh no they didn't

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  1. Can’t have the enemy believe they have a chance to win, can we? Nail the survivors to crosses and dig a pit in the middle for the corpses so they can watch their friends rot. If any bad mouth you, nail their mouth shut.

  2. Played a one shot oath of conquest, made him a fresh out of college jock bro who still cant get over his days playing a fantasy version football team and takes it out on his enemies, refers to the rest of the PC as his team or squad and called the pseudo leader of the group as coach. He was likable.

  3. Ironically if you want to play a “no killing” paladin, the oath of conquest is your best choice, because of your aura of fear most bandits and other humanoid enemies are going to run away from you and with your charisma you can convince them to surrender while they are afraid, removing the need to kill any of them.

  4. reminds me of that post about ‘Halfler’

    (a while ago there was a popular post in one of the D&D subreddits about a campaign where everyone played halflings, then derailed the campaign to lead a halfling supremacist uprising)

  5. Want to ride that thin line as a Conquest Paladin? Just use the tenants of [New Monarchy from Destiny](

    > The Seven Tenets

    >1. To secure our walls from the enemies without internal division.

    >2. To secure the rights and liberties of every upstanding citizen.

    >3. To sponsor the sciences of the City, and salvage the ruins beyond, so that our Golden Age might be reborn.

    >4. To support the Guardian Orders by leading the City in technological innovations.

    >5. To support the natural harmony of the City, and to actively dissuade any group or individual that might disrupt that harmony.

    >6. To hold all individuals, compacts, and alliances to the highest standards of productivity and right behavior.

    >7. To, by vote of the Consensus, abolish the Consensus, and transfer ultimate power, in order that the rights and liberties of all citizens be secured, to a single sovereign of unimpeachable character.

    Tenant 7 better have most of y’all saying ‘hol up’.

  6. The Omni-Man line “Earth isn’t yours to conquer” made me want to play a Conquest Paladin real bad

  7. Sort of like Legate Lanius from Fallout New Vegas. I will crucify you facing your nation so you can watch it burn as I slaughter your people down to the last child.

  8. I plan on playing a conquest paladin that stays non-lethal. Nothing says “you’ve been conquered” quite like “I’m strong enough to kill you, but am choosing not to.”

  9. I always said that conquest was the most evil oath.
    Oath breaker is just a”paladin’s first steps in necromancy” subclass, and vengeance is just a “fuck this person in particular” kinda oath.

  10. I like playing as a conquest Pal since there are some nice gimmicks and you play as someone with the right ends but the wrong means.

  11. My party has an NPC that they helped ascend from local warlord to king of an empire. They knew he was a paladin, but never asked what kind. Now he’s reconquered his neighboring kingdoms and has an eye on further expansion, plus his murderous tendencies are coming out in response to rebellions in the occupied cities. Definitely not a kind peaceful guy, but his enemies are also pretty shitty so the party isn’t sure what to do about it.

    2 weeks ago they finally decided to ask what his oath was, and the look on their faces was priceless.