Based on another post on this sub

Based on another post on this sub

Based on another post on this sub

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  1. I let my players take any spell that deals elemental damage (fire, cold, acid, lightning, or thunder) and switch the type to a different element. It has caused 0 issues and let’s us make specific character ideas work.

  2. Meanwhile, here I am trying to play a water based mage. Not ice, not thunder, maybe lightning, but mostly water.


    It’s rough.

  3. Numbers of spells for the interested:

    35 Fire damage

    18 Lightning damage

    13 Thunder damage

    25 Cold damage

    16 Acid damage

    10 Poison damage

    25 Necrotic damage

    21 Radiant damage

    22 Psychic damage

    26 Force damage

    26 Bludgeoning damage

    11 Piercing damage

    6 Slashing damage

    This includes things like dimension door dealing force damage to the user for poor aim.

  4. 3/3.5 had some neat lightning spells – scintillating sphere, chain lightning, Gedlee’s electric loop, ball lightning, Presper’s moonbow, and lightning fog. I don’t imagine they’d be too hard to adapt to 5e? Not that that justifies wotc ignoring other elemental damage types.

  5. And that’s why I give my players pdf’s full of spells from places like DM’s Guild, Blackstaff’s Book of 1000 Spells literally adds a thousand spells from elemental spells to lost spells from older editions. If WotC can’t be fucked to add elemental spells then I’ll just find some and add them to my game, easy fix.

  6. Previous editions. Thunder was a big thing in 4e, lightning has been since 2e. You may need to convert some spells up from 3/4e, but it’s not too hard to do – 5e damage scaling is probably more 4e than 3e, and you’ll obviously need to strip effects more complex than forced movement off to keep 5e simple.

  7. There used to be a great glass of specialty mages that were in old White Dwarf magazines, iirc. Heavy robes(ac 9( = 11 in new AC) long swords, and spears, and lots of cool elemental attacks. Very balanced, fun classes. The acid mage was a favorite.

  8. Of you could take Transmuted Meta Magic and make everything lightning or thunder damage. Definitely an oversight, intentionally or not, on WoTC part.

  9. Back in the 3.x days there was a metamagic feat called Energy Substitution that would handle this behavior.

  10. Though the Cleric has some lightning and thunder domain spells and sorcerers get transmuted spell (the sorcerer subclaass is bad though)

  11. 1. Booming Blade
    2. Lightning Lure
    3. Shocking Grasp
    4. Thunder clap
    5. Chaos Bolt(Sometimes)
    6. Chromatic Orb
    7. Thunderous Smite
    8. Thunderwave
    9. Witch Bolt
    10. Dragon’s Breath
    11. Shatter
    12. Call Lightning
    13. Elemental Weapon
    14. Glyph of Warding
    15. Lightning Arrow
    16. Lightning Bolt
    17. Thunder Step
    18. Elemental Bane
    19. Storm Sphere
    20. Destructive Wave
    21. Chain Lightning
    22. Prismatic Spray
    23. Illusory Dragon
    24. Prismatic Wall
    25. Storm of Vengeance

    All Thunder or Lighting Spells. Fire has 34 alone.

  12. Tempest domain clerics get spells like thunderwave and shatter which are both kickass lightning/thunder spells.

  13. Storm sorcerers could use some help. But let’s be honest: a tempest cleric getting to maximize the damage of a lightning bolt with channel divinity might be a bit OP.

  14. Chromatic Orb


    Witch Bolt

    Dragon’s Breath


    Lightning Bolt

    Thunder Step

    Storm Sphere

    Chain Lightning

    Prismatic Spray

    Looks like a decent list for Storm Sorcerers to me. I’m not even concerned about Tempest Clerics because they get Thunderwave, Shatter, Call Lightning, and Destructive Wave as domain spells. And I bet if you asked nicely, your DM might let you swap out a 4th-level domain spell for Storm Sphere since it was printed in XGtE…

  15. Wotc: let’s make spells do lightning damage with out making a spell with this optional rule for sorcerer
    Players: ya this is ok but where the lightning and thunder spells