Now we are using Fules of Encumberance.

Now we are using Fules of Encumberance.

Now we are using Fules of Encumberance.

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  1. Thank you for the smile random stranger on the internet
    I love how the dm won as a player by making the dm think fuck no

  2. Most arrows break on impact. I watched a medieval reconstruction video about arrows trying to pierce plate armor. Even on the chain mail the shafts of the arrows were cracked and unusable most of the time.

    Because of that, I let my players roll medicine checks to extract arrowheads from corpses, and a survival check to see if they can recover arrowheads from missed shots. They can fletch their own arrows again during downtime if they like. However, specialty ammunition (like a dragon slayer arrow) is not recoverable. I justify it in the same vein that a spent hollow-point bullet is unusable after fired. The magic, detonates it on impact, that is what makes the ammunition special, hard to make, and difficult to find.

    It’s a lot easier, and less time consuming to just make, or buy new ammo most of the time. And has led to some neat RP. I have a ranger that knaps(thank you u/tinydesktopninja ) his own arrowheads during downtime, and has made some pretty cool ammo because of it. It let’s him keep up his combat viability even at high levels of play. Also lots of fun situations for exploration to find the flint, obsidian, and other materials. It works well along side the casters that need spell components. Conveniently they always seem to be around the same area, but haven’t caught on yet so shhhhhhh.

  3. My group doesn’t track things like arrows unless they are magical or special in some way. Same with basic bullets. I just assume in down time they make enough to last the next few days.

  4. PHB says you can pick up to half the arrows you shoot. Don’t need to roll anything or bother the DM with such a small thing.

  5. Why’d he have to roll to see how many he picked up. Doesn’t he ultimately decide how many arrows his character will grab