OC – Imperfect Cell

OC – Imperfect Cell

OC - Imperfect Cell

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  1. Amazing! Imperfect cell is the best designed villain in Dragonball, I love seeing him get some love.

  2. While Imperfect Cell doesn’t have perfect cell’s incredible jawline, Imperfect Cell is my favorite of his form. My younger brother had nightmares for years about this villain

  3. Holy shit…
    Excellent piece of work, I love the details on the side with the guanine, adeninde and stuff. Great work!!

  4. This version of cell may not be perfect, but your drawing of him sure is. I could look at this all day.

    Oh shit I just noticed the background is Geros basement lab. So cool.

  5. i hope you know that this is really great work and absolutely deserves all of the praise it’s getting

  6. Literally one character which grossed me out and creepy AF was imperfect Cell. What a creep. Great work nonetheless

  7. What’s the random letters on the sides for, and is the blue light supposed to overlap it? Seems weird to do so when the right didn’t.

  8. Love the art and the details!

    May I suggest a fun detail? When using nucleotides (G, A , T ,C), each group of 3 codes for an amino acid, which are designed by letters. For example, TGT (or TGC – the genetic code is redundant) codes for a cysteine (C). So if you write, for example:

    TGT GAA TTA TTG, you get: cysteine (C), glutamic acid (E), lysine (L) lysine (L) -> CELL in amino acids.