Cooler. He needs to be canon someday.

Cooler. He needs to be canon someday.

Cooler. He needs to be canon someday.

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  1. I wish Frieza’s 4th form was similar to Coolers. An actual transformation instead of a palette swap.

  2. I’m totally in on the idea of him being a Frieza clone.

    Maybe some Frieza Force members are sick of him and create a clone to replace him as leader. Frieza is forced to enlist Goku’s help to defeat him.

  3. Not sure if I want him canon at this point tbh. Maybe if he was the villain in RoF (which would have a different title), I could see that working but right now, I don’t think it’s necessary. The drawing itself is really well done though.

  4. When I was a kid I never saw his movie so the first introduction I had to him was the budokai video games and I thought he was badass

  5. Honestly wouldn’t be hard considering only the metal cooler movie conflicts with Canon so they could just declare the first cooler movie Canon and redo the metal Cooler movie and power scale the him to super levels. Maybe add in a golden metal fourth form that he achieved when they finally get through to the center of star.

  6. He’s cool (no pun intended) and I love his design, but unfortunately he would bring too many plot holes. In his movie it’s stated that he’s stronger and owns a lot more planets than frieza, so why would everyone only talk about the frieza force (which also has a big role in the latest dbs arcs) and never about cooler’s? Where would he have been in all this time?

  7. Considering they figured out how to make Broly of all people a legitimately good character in Super, I can’t even begin to imagine how great a “Super” version of Cooler could be.

  8. I like cooler but he doesn’t need to be canon.
    Literally just frieza with a less intelligent personality. He’s cool as a one shot but I think he’d cheapen friezas character and take a spot that a more creative and unique character could take.